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 Plot Summary (So far...)

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PostSubject: Plot Summary (So far...)   Thu Jan 09, 2014 8:06 pm

So basically we have a good side of Shadowhunters and a bad side. The good side is based in the Institute. The bad side consists of two Shadowhunters (Kaleb and Alexia, controlled by Ollie and me respectively) controlled by a unseen leader named Slade (all of us have kind of been powerplaying him, but he's defintely up for grabs if anyone wants to make him a full character) who seeks to overthrow the Institute by opening a portal into it and realeasing demons and evil downworlders to wreak havoc. Kaleb and Alexia infiltrated the Institute, posing as long lost friends of one of our good Shadowhunters. Their goal was to force Bridget into opening the portal herself, by threatening to kill her parents (who are in fact already dead). They were comprimised when Jasper, a good Shadowhunter, walked in on them bullying Bridget. They then killed him and made their escape. Oliver, Jasper's parabati, and Mikki, Jasper's Mundane-with-the-sight girlfriend. Egan, a good shadowhunter trying to make a name for himself, leaves before Mikki and Oliver. Oliver realizes that Mikki will be killed if she tries to take the siblings down, so Oliver acts like he's dilivering Mikki to them as a tribute to join their side. In his mind, he'll be protecting Mikki as well as getting close to the siblings so he can kill them. Egan does the same thing, but for more fame related motives. Mikki ends up getting really injured, and Egan is given the task of finishing her off (a hazing of sorts). He pretends to and goes off with Oliver and the siblings to a abandoned warehouse. Meanwhile, Mikki is found by Bridget and Vanessa, anther good Shadowhunter, who take her back to be healed by one of the INstitutes head's (the heads are a married couple).
(Ollie and I created two warlocks just because, but I feel like we might combine the threads soon)
Zane is the most powerful warlock in Manhattan, known for his childish manner and his memorable parties. He mentors Emma, a very young warlock prone to accidents. Zane throws a party and two good Shadowhunters (not connected with the New York Institute), Keiran and Luna, show up. Zane senses a disturbance and goes, with Emma, Keiran, and Luna, to check it out.
(at the same time this is happening...)
Nia, a oracle and a werewolf, who was experimented on as a child but then rescued by the pack leader of Manhattan. This thread starts off with Nia going out, looking for mischief. Her best friend and the pack leader's daughter, Aubrey and fellow pack member Jax also go out. The group meets up at one of the many Starbucks, where Nia has a vision of a small child being attacked by a demons. The three rush to help and run into two good/unaligned shadowhunters, Alistair and Isadore. They all team together and kill the demons and save the kid. Afterwards, the whole group walk to one of the pack's 'safe houses'/apartment because Isadore is injured. Aubrey is summoned back to the pack's home in the abandoned furniture store for a important meeting. The siblings, Alexia and Kaleb, have come to retrieve Nia, as she would be a great asset for their leader to have. Egan and Oliver were left behind at the abandoned warehouse to continue their detox of 'soft Shadowhunter-ness'. Aubrey is stunned that her father agrees, reluctantly, to giving Nia over. She runs back to the apartment to warn the others. The siblings follow. Their presence is the disturbance that Zane had felt (his apartment building and the wolf's safe room are one in the same.) The fight is already underway when he barges in, effectively ending it. Alexia is seriously injured so the siblings are forced to return to the warehouse empty handed.
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Plot Summary (So far...)
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